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UK component sources

Posted by theorbtwo 
UK component sources
April 19, 2008 06:35PM
Hi, I noticed that the parts lister at parts.reprap.org doesn't have any UK based sources for most of the components listed, so found them on rswww.com. Could someone please check my work, and if it proves to be correct, add them to the parts lister? This should be all the neccessary components for the power/comms board, v1.3.

- [uk.rs-online.com]
[parts.reprap.org] -> 0334561
[parts.reprap.org] -> 5201107
[parts.reprap.org] -> 0131283A
[parts.reprap.org] -> 0107791
[parts.reprap.org] -> 6530210
[parts.reprap.org] -> 5200867
[parts.reprap.org] -> 5478329
[parts.reprap.org] -> 0813137
[parts.reprap.org] -> 4838461

[parts.reprap.org] -> 1951195
[parts.reprap.org] -> 1729178
[parts.reprap.org] -> 2471167
[parts.reprap.org] -> 2508599283
[parts.reprap.org] -> 2174759
[parts.reprap.org] -> 2471808
[parts.reprap.org] -> 4639309
[parts.reprap.org] -> 0144030
[parts.reprap.org] -> 5200924
[parts.reprap.org] -> 2508879191
Re: UK component sources
April 25, 2008 04:41PM
those parts look good. there were a couple mistakes though.

the 10nF capacitor was a 1KV rated capacitor. we only need about 25 max. i found a 100v one that will work. the one you specified was overkill and also probably wouldnt fit the footprint. i know because i made the same mistake =)

the sockets you found were milled ones... they will work, but the swiped ones are much easier to insert chips into. i also found those milled ones first when i started sourcing parts winking smiley

the dsub connector you found was not a normally stocked one. i found one that works better: 4543753

the green LED you found was 8mm, we need 5mm or smaller.

finally, the last 2 resistors you specified were not quite right. once you find the right type of resistor (like the first couple you found) its better to search within that category.

overall, great work! i've added these (and corrections) to the parts website.

if you get the parts for the other boards, post them here and i'll add them in =)
Re: UK component sources
May 04, 2008 07:35PM

I've also been scouting for parts in the UK. I made a copy of the spreadsheet and made some additions, which are marked in yellow.


It contains a couple of extra columns in the 'unique parts' sheet; one for details of alternatives and one for dimensions. They could probably be merged into the description.

I've added Farnell, Maplin, CPC and Rapid as suppliers. Most of the items have part numbers for Farnell and Maplin. CPC and Rapid are far from complete though.

The part numbers for Rapid were taken from this thread:

It could all do with being looked over, especially the alternatives.

Thanks in advance,
Re: UK component sources
May 06, 2008 01:36PM
very nice!!

it will take a bit of time to churn over that and verify stuff, but i'd love to get that integrated with the main spreadsheet. i'll have to add a bit of code to support the 'replacements' stuff, but thats fairly easy.

pm me your google account and i can add you as an editor of the BOM so you can add your changes directly.
Re: UK component sources
May 07, 2008 05:26AM
peteredworthy: Thanks muchly for this work! It's much more complete then my RS version, and maplin turns out to be a better supplier for what I need at least.
We've already gone ahead and ordered the parts for the powercomms v1.3, in which I found a small problem -- each yw25 is a pack of 10 .1in socket terminals, making ordering 16 of them rather overkill. (Of course, I've no idea how to express this on the spreadsheet.)
Now I just have to wait for my rrrf order of boards to come through, and I can start my soldering, yey!
Re: UK component sources
May 16, 2008 03:40PM
Minor typo in the Maplin's version: the ym11m should be yw11m -- the first is cable clips, the second is a four-pin housing.
Re: UK component sources
May 18, 2008 01:39PM
Thanks theorbtwo, i've changed that in my copy. I was ordering parts from maplin this afternoon and found a few cheaper alternatives.

2200uF cap was VH55K (35V 1.17UKP) now VH54J (16V 0.72UKP)
1000uF cap was VH51F (35V 0.72UKP) now VH52G (63V 0.61UKP) I don't get their pricing on this.

4 pin female header was L68AZ now discontinued. I've not found anything that's a suitable replacement yet though. It is only used for the stepper testers where it connects them to the motor board. I guess an extra 4 pin housing and running wire to the tester board would work fine.
Re: UK component sources
May 22, 2008 06:53PM
sorry about not getting this back into the BOM. i've been busy lately, but i have a big weekend ahead of me, so hopefully i'll be able to do it while i'm attempting prints =)
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