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Arduino and Temperature / Thermocouple sensor confusion.

Posted by sgtwilko 
Arduino and Temperature / Thermocouple sensor confusion.
May 07, 2008 08:47AM

I'm about to order PCBs and parts, but I'm a little confused.

As the Raw PCB kit [store.rrrf.org] doesn't contain components, I've been putting an order together for the individual kits that contain both the boards and the components.

I'm using the Raw PCB kit as the basis of my shopping list, but this doesn't tie up with the Wiki [www.reprap.org] as to what PCBs are required.

The RRRF Raw PCB kit contains the following:-

# 3 x Stepper Motor Driver Board
# 6 x Opto Endstop
# 1 x DC Motor Driver Board
# 1 x PWM Driver Board
# 2 x Temperature Sensor
# 1 x Thermocouple Sensor

The links on the Temperature and Thermocouple sensors go to two different Wiki pages with two different PCBs.
The Main Generation2Electronics [www.reprap.org] page only lists 1 Temperature sensor PCB (not the 2 on the Raw PCB list) and no Thermocouple PCB.

Why are there two Temperature Sensors in the Raw PCB kit?
Do I need all three?
What do I need?

Thanks in advance...

Re: Arduino and Temperature / Thermocouple sensor confusion.
May 16, 2008 01:43PM
Hey Ian,

The thermocouple sensor is an 'experimental' board that is not required. Its a very small (read: cheap) board, and I include it as a convenience for those who might want to experiment with it at some point in time.

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