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Stepper Driver Instructions

Posted by james 
Stepper Driver Instructions
May 13, 2008 09:38PM
The instructions for making v1.1 of the stepper driver board contain what I believe is a minor error. The instructions are at [reprap.org]

I attempted to edit the page, but I was asked me for a password and I don't believe I have a wiki password.

The error is in the instruction to place C7, the 3.3nF cap: "Solder it into place next to the trimpot." The cap next to the trimpot is actually C6 (100nF). This isn't horribly misleading in that C6 is placed before C7, but it gave me a moment's pause as I had to reconcile the board, the picture and the instructions.

Aside from that, the instructions were dead simple to follow. Much thanks for the excellent documentation.
Re: Stepper Driver Instructions
May 16, 2008 01:51PM
good catch. i'll remove that error.

if you want access to the wiki, pm me for details. we've been having problems with spammers =)
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