Help PWM Driver and Valve Soneloid
July 04, 2008 09:08AM
I'm french and I would like to create a reprap but before, I want to understand the utility of two things :
-the solenoid Valve.
-the third output of the PWM Driver.

If the Solenoid Valve is necessary, how to connect it to the Arduino, I don't understand the Diagram ?

What we have to connect on the third output connection of the PWM Driver?
How the Extruder Heater is connected?
How the extruder Fan is connected ?

There is 3 or 4 PCB's card for the Extruder, but on the instruction, there is only 1 card... How the Extruder's systems are put on it (DC motor driver, PWM driver and Temperature Sensor.


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Re: Help PWM Driver and Valve Soneloid
July 05, 2008 02:07PM
The temperature sensor is hooked up to the arduino--5v, ground, and to pin Analog_0.

The extruder is attached to the PWM board on PWM1, orientation of the wires do not matter.

The DC motor is attached to the DC Motor Driver card on the A screw terminal.

I would imagine that the extruder fan would be attached to the PWM2 terminal on the PWM Board but I'm not 100% sure of that. I don't have one and I haven't read about anyone installing that or where you would control that from the host software.

The solinoid valve is for the nozzle wipe appendage. I'm not up to date on how that works or even if the kits from Bits from Bytes even is geared up to handle that. Have to ask someone else on that score.

Re: Help PWM Driver and Valve Soneloid
July 05, 2008 02:16PM
So the B screw terminal of the PWM Board has nothing on it?
So we put the Temperature sensor where there is some place?
And the Solenoid Valve is an option...
Thank you for helping.
Re: Help PWM Driver and Valve Soneloid
July 09, 2008 03:16PM

the DC motor driver board has extra capacity to drive another motor.
the PWM driver board also has extra capacitry to drive: a fan, a solenoid, or both (or something else if you want)

The reason is that this is still a research project, and we want people to tinker!
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