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Heatsink for Tip 110

Posted by Graxe 
Heatsink for Tip 110
July 05, 2008 06:39PM
Hi everyone,
I've so far gotten everything working and am now finishing assembly of the extruder controller boards for Darwin. My current question is what heatsink should I use for the Tip 110 transistors? I can't seem to find it marked anywhere. Thanks for the help.
Re: Heatsink for Tip 110
July 06, 2008 09:31AM
It's listed as 'small heat sink'

Re: Heatsink for Tip 110
July 06, 2008 05:39PM
The one i use is about 36x27x13mm and has 12 panes. I think that is slight overkill because it never even gets warm.
Re: Heatsink for Tip 110
July 09, 2008 03:14PM
i actually dont run a heatsink on mine, but it is a good idea to use one.

if you have any spare aluminum laying around, drill a 3mm hole in it and bolt it on.

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