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Wiring an SD card

Posted by TopherMan 
Wiring an SD card
February 27, 2013 08:39PM
As an exercise in KiCAD, I'm working on a converter board to allow the Arduino Due to connect to RAMPS. In addition, I figured I'd add an SD card reader, since SD RAMPS has a level converter that's no longer necessary with the 3.3V Due, and since the Due moved around the MOSI/MISO ports.

Attached is a screengrab of how I've wired the SD slot. I've compared it to the schematics from SD RAMPS and Smoothieboard, and it looks all correct, though the Smoothieboard has 10K resistors between VCC and the CS, MOSI, and MISO lines. Are these necessary? Am I missing anything important about how I'm wiring this? I am but a lowly mechanical engineer, so I figured I should get everything double-checked.

open | download - SD_wiring.png (10.3 KB)
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