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Sanguino upload /bootload

Posted by Dylan 
Sanguino upload /bootload
February 01, 2009 06:12PM
I built a breadboard Sanguino. I installed the sanguino software and edited the boards.tx file etc etc. I opened v12 of arduino software and burned bootloader to the chip and it said that it worked fine, but I can't upload.

1. pin 1 (PB0) doesn't light up on reset
2. pin 3 (PB2) does flash 3 times on reset and every 6 seconds (this sounds odd to me)
3. I am getting a generic connection error "stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" but I know everything is connected properly.

any ideas?

I'm using the 644 not the 644p by the way and yes I edited the txt file accordingly.

I'm also using the FTDI breakout from sparkfun for my ttl cable which has leds showing that I am sending data down the right port.

edit:nvm, I apparently didn't have the ground connected through the ttl cable

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