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Sanguino Ethernet

Posted by Rich 
Sanguino Ethernet
February 08, 2009 10:29PM
I got a sanguino and I've been trying to get the Arduino ethernet module working, but i'm having no success. I have the Arduino Ethernet shield from adafruit and the wiz811mj ethernet module, so I built a circuit to provide 3.3 and 5v to the shield. I then jumped pins 10-13 from the shield (Arduino's SPI pins) to pins 4-7 on the Sanguino. When i start the Sanguino up, it just sits frozen until I unplug the Ethernet shield, then it goes on it's merry way. Is there something I should know about using the Sanguino with Ethernet? Has anyone else tried this before?
Re: Sanguino Ethernet
February 09, 2009 05:41PM
It would seem the power for the shield should come from the sanguino like it does from the arduino. You may be creating a power loop by providing your own supply.
Re: Sanguino Ethernet
February 09, 2009 07:33PM
The Sanguino is providing the 5v supply. The 3.3v supply is only provided using a regulator because the Sanguino does not have any 3.3v source onboard. The Sanguino and the 3v regulator are both being fed by the same 12v source. I've connected the grounds on the power source, the Sanguino, and the shield just to be safe. I'll double check, but I'm not measuring any potential between ground nodes, so I'm fairly sure I've got a common ground plane and don't have any loops.
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