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Wiring questions

Posted by reece.arnott 
Wiring questions
February 12, 2009 05:29PM
I have 2 Stepper Motor Driver v1.1 boards (x and y) and 1 Stepper Motor Driver v1.2 board (z axis) connecting to an Ardunio breakout board.

I have two minor wiring issues:
1) Where do I connect the Enable wire from the driver boards on the Ardunio breakout board?
2) The version 1.1 boards have sync wires that are to be connected together but the 1.2 board doesn't, what am I supposed to do in this situation? I've connected the 1.2 board as Z as I assume the sync wires are really needed when the motors are running together which the x and y can do but you can live without for the z axis.
Re: Wiring questions
February 12, 2009 05:33PM
OK, I think I've found the answer to my second question anyway. The sync is optional if the master/slave is set to master. I'll do that and take out the wires entirely.
Re: Wiring questions
February 12, 2009 08:04PM
My enables are not connected to anything and the steppers run fine.
Re: Wiring questions
February 17, 2009 12:56PM
how optional are the sync wires?
is there any performance loss by not connecting them?
Re: Wiring questions
February 17, 2009 01:21PM
Syncronizing your steppers would only be nesersarry if you were using more than one stepper to drive the same axis.

For example if you used 4 steppers for the Z axis.

using the syncronize wire you could save on buying some components.

If your stepper controllers are well spaced from each other.

I would worry about the Sync signal getting interference,

I don't use the common sync.

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