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Extruder Won't Stop Extruding

Posted by cpwebste 
Extruder Won't Stop Extruding
April 02, 2009 05:23PM
I am not totally sure whether to put this here or in the software forum, but I am encountering what I think is some kind of bug with either the Arduino firmware or the host software. My problem is that I now have my entire electronics board, together, tested, and working. The issue that I am having is that the extruder motor driver turns on fine when pressing extrude in the Windows host software, but when I click it again to stop extruding the motor just keeps spinning. I am using a stepgenie motor driver that has an LED readout to show when stepping is occurring and this just keeps flashing. My X, Y, and Z axes work fine, but if I switch the extruder output onto one of the X, Y, or Z drivers, that driver now shows the same symptoms which leads me to believe it is an issue with the Arduino programming or the host software since the motor drivers are working fine. I am using a pinch wheel extruder and I didn't think I had to go make any special modifications in the code for that, but I may be wrong. I am using Arduino 14 for compiling and have an Arduino Decimilia if it helps. Also Windows XP as the operating system. Is there something that would cause the Arduino to continue outputting pulses even after it has been told not to? Any debugging steps I should try? This is pretty much the last hurdle left before I can start printing so I would be very appreciative for any help!

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