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Endstop V1.2 enhancement concerning mechanics vs electronics

Posted by erylon 
Endstop V1.2 enhancement concerning mechanics vs electronics
September 21, 2013 05:05PM
Hello dear Makers !
I noticed that, from my point of view, the makerbot endstop V1.2 could really be enhanced.
-First, considering that the endstop is an electrical end stop and not a mechanical end stop, it should not be possible to bump against it. I mean that no part from the end stop should be in the way. This is currently the case but this must be kept in mind for next points (specially point 3).
-Second thing, the mechanical contact between the switch and moving part is by friction but it should be by a little wheel, a roller or something rolling such as (Omron SS-10GL2D. I must admit that,considering first thing a simulated roller lever such as Omron SS-10GL13 would be enough.
-Third thing, but not the least, is that the switch is orientated. I mean that the moving part can come from only one direction. The problem about that is that the connector is between the switch and the moving part : Then on some configurations with tiny space constraint this not the best idea. More over it means that if 2 end stop are used on an axis, the connectors will face each other. So in some assembly the cables should be bend to go to the opposite direction like the other switch cable.
-Last thing is that some weldings are inline with the holes : so it's not possible to easyly place the board on a flat profiled surface.
All this concerns about electronic are more mechanical concerns related to electronic design. I would like to redesign this board in a more mechanical way and I would like to now if some of you had to face this concern or would be interested to share this development.
Thank you for your attention.
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