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Universal Controller v1.2.1 Board

Posted by ZachHoeken 
Universal Controller v1.2.1 Board
June 12, 2007 01:12PM
Hey Guys,

I'm going to do another order of the Universal Controller boards. The recent order of 60 i have is nearly sold out!!! Holy crap you guys rock. Anyway, I'd like to compile a list of things to change. Keep in mind this is a minor revision, so no major changes, just cosmetic type things. Heres what I'm planning:

1. fix the transmit flip-flop
2. make sure the board has 4 mounting holes, properly spaced and such.
3. add more space between various components: (TIP's, a couple resistors, L298N, etc.)
4. triple check to make sure the silkscreen is right and included in the order.
5. switch to a keyed .100" power connector (or should we hold off?)

if anyone has suggestions or fixes they'd like to see in the next round of boards let me know. i think this will be a big order... something like 120 boards or something.
Anonymous User
Re: Universal Controller v1.2.1 Board
June 12, 2007 02:52PM
One big suggestion I have is to move the labels for the connector mounts so that they are not covered by the connectors. For instance, the connectors for the transmit/recieve pins and the Min/Max compeletely cover the silkscreen printing showing which is which. I have already once accidentally swapped the Min and Max on one of the axes on Lamarck, leading to an unhappy machine when it tried to move the Y axis to home and went *thunk* past the endstop. If the markings were not covered by the connectors, this would be a great improvement.

Also, a minor change: If it is possible to move the location of C1 slightly to the side (either left or right) so that it is not right in front of the heatsink mounting hole for the L298N, that would make it easier to access the mounting bolt for the heatsinks. It's not a huge issue, but if it can be done easily, it would be a nice improvement.
Re: Universal Controller v1.2.1 Board
June 12, 2007 03:21PM
both great suggestions, i'll try and implement them this week.
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