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160mm diameter round PCB HBP?

Posted by Dust 
160mm diameter round PCB HBP?
March 08, 2014 01:58AM
I'm looking at options for a heated bed platform for a kossel mini.

I've seem Kapon heaters (one supplier only), and I've seen silicon heaters from china... Im not interested in abusing some power resistors

But there doesnt seem to be any round open source PCB ones (I am aware of [seemecnc.com])

Anyone know how to make one? I know its just resistance of the traces... but I lack the practical experience to design one..

any ideas?

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Re: 160mm diameter round PCB HBP?
March 08, 2014 07:33AM
Here's a recent discussion about trial and error heated bed PCB design:


Some tips for making a heatbed from nichrome wire powered by wall (mains) power, as used in the BerryBot:


I haven't searched the archives to see if anyone has ever proposed or tried etching traces directly on the back of a glass build plate as used in automobile rear window defrosters, but it seems like a tangent worth exploring if it can generate enough heat for ABS.....
Re: 160mm diameter round PCB HBP?
March 27, 2014 12:22PM
Hi Dust,

It can be easily designed using EAGLE CAD user script named 'spiral-coil.ulp'. The script draws 180 degree arcs that radius gradually increased from the center toward the outside. And, you are able to draw two set of spiral coil pattern after rotating the first one in 180 degree. Imagine a couple of mosquito coils in a box. If you connect each coils together at the center then you have a long heater pattern with magnetism cancelled.

Genie - designer of bitfab::Hexagon Heatedbed in purple. PM me if you wish to get original one of the best quality.
open | download - spiral-coil-ulp.bmp (19.5 KB)
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