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a diver must get hot and not working

Posted by amira 
a diver must get hot and not working
June 23, 2014 05:37PM
i have this problem with drivers
at first my printer work couple times
suddenly one of the drivers gets hot (the extruder driver ) when i connect it and does not work
i get another one and tried again
the same happened to X axis driver i take it out
and put it alone without the other driver
still gets hot
i tried the 3 other driver they work
why this happened when they are 4 ?
Re: a diver must get hot and not working
June 24, 2014 01:02AM
IF your motor has an intermittent short, this could be tripping the driver.

Note: If you do not cool the driver chips (eg: heatsink and/or fan), they will overheat if they're driving stepper motors that require any reasonable amount of current. As such, it's advisable to make sure the stepper drivers have a fan pointing at them at all times, and heatsinks stuck to each driver chip if at all possible.
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