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Testing UCB

Posted by emt 
Testing UCB
July 26, 2007 10:03AM

Universal Controller PCB V1.2.1

I am at the 3rd stage of the build instructions - excercise test. The LED does not flash. I get TX and RX signals in the command window so I assume the PIC is programmed OK.

TX 0->2: c
RX 54 52 30 0 2 bd
TX 0->2: 4
RX 54 52 30 0 2 bd
RX 54 51 33 0 2 4 3e 2 61

Have I missed something? The instructions state fit P3 but no mention of fitting a jumper or any wiring. I have only 1 board at the moment.


Re: Testing UCB (UCB 1.2.2: Test 3: Ian's LED does not flash)
July 26, 2007 07:54PM
Jumper the P3 (sync), K1 pins 2 and 3 (max), and K2 pins 2 and 3 (min) connections. I am pretty sure this is mentioned in the instructions. If not, it should be!


> Use a couple of jumpers to short the left-hand pairs of
> pins of "Max" and "Min", as in the picture.

is definitely there in the Wiki. [www.reprap.org]

However, I didn't say "and short P3" in my quick note on this added a few days ago, and I probably should have. There's no value in adding P3 before testing if you don't use it for anything during testing (!), but that's not at all "obvious" unless you understand what is going on with the electronics fairly well already :-)

I'll edit the Wiki to add "and short P3".


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