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Mightyboard thermocouple problems

Posted by charleslow 
Mightyboard thermocouple problems
August 13, 2014 04:28PM
I am having huge problems with my mightyboard.

Getting "Heating Failure #4" error.

I also noticed the board isn't reading any temperature at all from the extruders.

Makerbot support says to check the thermocouples. Did them one better and replaced both thermocouples. I was extra careful to connect the replacement thermocouples with the right polarity, so the leads are not reversed.

Didn't help, still getting "Heating Failure #4" error. Takes about 4 minutes to error out. The temperature readings for the extruders also still shows 000.

Well, both thermocouples (K type) for the extruders are read by the MAX6675 IC's, so I checked these as well I could.

I read the voltages for both MAX6675 IC's and they read the exact same. 5v at VCC pin#4 and 1.49v across VCC pin#4 to GND pin #1

Using Sailfish 7.5

It's hard to imagine both sets of thermocouples are bad and both sets of MAX6675 IC's are bad. Something else is going on and probably pretty simple.

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