Does anyone have the files for the boards in Eagle format? I've nothing against KiCad, but I am quite fond of an Eagle plugin called PCB-GCode that generates NC files so I can mill boards out on my CNC machine. I'm not familiar with doing this in KiCad or if it's even possible. I'm sure there is a way to import Gerber files but I think you need to buy plugins to do that. Thanks in advance!
Re: Eagle format or KiCad -> Eagle howto?
July 30, 2007 11:36AM
not that i know of offhand. your best bet is probably to go the gerber import route. also, you could probably import the 'netlist' but then you'd have to layout the board again, which would not save you any time at all.
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Re: Eagle format or KiCad -> Eagle howto?
July 30, 2007 01:31PM
I also don't know of any way to convert the KiCad files to Eagle format. It's probably easier if you can find a way to generate the files you need without going through Eagle, seems like there should be a way.

I have re-created most of the schematics from scratch in Eagle. I wanted to make a few modifications and I never really got to trust KiCad. My board layouts are slightly different from the stock ones and the routing is significantly different (worse) because I was lazy and auto-routed. If you can't find anything better I can send you what I have.
Re: Eagle format or KiCad -> Eagle howto?
July 30, 2007 01:50PM
There is an open source project to convert Gerber to G code outlines here [] but it looks quite early in its evolution. I plan to try it on KiCad but have not got round to it yet.

Thanks all for the ideas. I think the Gerber import looks like step 1.

I actually have no particular loyalty to Eagle either, but the gcode plugin for it seems very mature and easy to use.
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