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motors length

Posted by johnka 
motors length
November 03, 2014 01:34PM
I want to built my first reprap and I'm interested in Prusa i3 Einstein variant or Rework.
Both of them have single sheet frame and I was wondering about the Z axis step motors length.
I will use NEMA 17 motors but I found out that the length of the motors is not standard.
If they are too long they won't fit and if they are too short they will hanging from the Z axis bottom parts.
What should be the length of the motors I will order?
Re: motors length
November 03, 2014 05:48PM
Too short isn't an issue as they'll be secured by the mounting parts. Maximum body length is 50mm.

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Re: motors length
November 03, 2014 08:48PM
FWIW: Larger motors (usually) produce more torque. To do so, they use either more current and/or voltage to do so. As long as your electronics can drive them, then its all good.

For the Z axis of a standard i3 Prusa, you don't really need high-torque motors, especially since there's two of them (unless you're running multiple extruders). However because they're paired, I recommend that you use the same type of motors for both Z spindles to avoid issues.

Also I'd recommend you use the same type motors for X and Y, as it avoids cases where there is some small difference in the motors that causes weird issues (like circles and squares being stretched for example).

Note that the pair of motors you use for the Z and the pair of motors you use for X/Y don't have to be the same as each other, so if you've already bought motors you may be able to use some of them for your X/Y without issue, even if they're too big for Z. Also, different step angles for each pair aren't a problem as long as your config works. I've used 0.9 deg steppers on X/Y with 1.8 deg steppers on Z before with no issue.
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