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problem with a principal board HELP ME

Posted by huliofane 
problem with a principal board HELP ME
November 10, 2014 01:01PM
Hi,in these days im war with my 3d printer...
im download all file of official site Ultimaker,im make the mechanicall parts and all wire,sensor,head,motor and all..
after that long parts,im insert usb cable and start with Cura software for insert the firmware,but i have one bad sorprise...the firmware stopped when search the temperature sensor and not go up that part of installation of makine...result>>>>the 3d printer not work...
im write at seller of board and it write me if the board is not same at original board,the pin of he board aren't in same position....
im search the firmware but im not look nothing...

this is the link of my board(I have buy 2 same,for make 2 3dprinter)

in first moment im think if the problem is the arduino not original,and buy one original,but the problem is same...
is possible for you help me to start this 3d printer ??

Very thanks for all ,best regards Huliofane

P.S. in these days im make a maps of all pin,for undestand how are connected all pin of arduino,this is a good idea or is not necessary ??
Re: problem with a principal board HELP ME
November 10, 2014 08:42PM
Which firmware are you using. In marlin, that board is motherboard 7.
Re: problem with a principal board HELP ME
November 11, 2014 06:51AM
hi,sorry,im use marlin,and im test 7 and other type of board,but not run nothing...
is possible for you write step to step all step to run this 3dprinter,from arduino with inside Blink to print the first item...
im not want make a mistake in this process and think is an error of firmware...
Sorry for my bad english..
thanks Huliofane
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