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Jumpers for DRV8825 on Megatronics 2

Posted by Fitz 
Jumpers for DRV8825 on Megatronics 2
December 09, 2014 12:28PM
I'm trying to build a 3D printer using a Megatronics 2 controller. I got Pololu DRV8825 stepper motor drivers for the 1/32 steps. My problem is the Megatronics 2 wiki. In one place it says that each DRV8825 needs to use all 4 of 4 pin jumpers and 2 sentences later it say "Pololu has released an updated version of the DRV8825, that doesn't need the fourth jumper".

Does anyone know how I tell if I have the updated version or not? Will something just not work or will I burn something up if I use the wrong number of jumpers? Should I try 1 motor with 3 jumpers to see if I get smoke and then try 4 jumpers?

Re: Jumpers for DRV8825 on Megatronics 2
December 09, 2014 10:44PM
The first 3 pins set the steps the same as the A4988 except 3 pins set the DVR8825 at 32 microsteps where the A4988 is 16 steps.
The 4th pin for the DVR8825 goes to the sleep and reset pins and is not needed on the new drivers. Unless you got these drivers a long time ago the should be the new ones.
If you want go to [www.pololu.com] and look at the pictures of the 2 different drives. It looks like there is a change in the 3 chips below the large driver chip.
I would just use the 3 jumpers same as the A4988 and see if it works prior to putting on the 4th jumper.
Re: Jumpers for DRV8825 on Megatronics 2
December 10, 2014 06:13PM
Thank you for your responce george4657.

I missed the visible difference between the old and new versions. I do indeed have the newer model. The board does as described with 3 jumpers when using the Megatronics test firmware.

I'm on to trying to figure out Marlin firmware configuation.

Tanks again.
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