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distance sensors, for positional feedback.

Posted by dissidence 
distance sensors, for positional feedback.
February 14, 2015 04:43AM

i just found these guys at sparkfun, the VL6180 distance sensor might just be a interesting way to add positional feedback into a reprap printer, anyone else out there have any thoughts.?


Re: distance sensors, for positional feedback.
February 16, 2015 01:55PM
The datasheet from the sparkfun page doesn't make it look like this particular chip would be all that useful. The performance data indicate a max of 2mm error from noise and max 13mm range offset error. Operating at 2.5-3V, and interfacing with I2C would also add additional costs and programming time as I don't think any of the electronics support using I2C for positional feedback. The chip alone is $3+ if bought in bulk, and I don't think that's getting you anything additional than you can already get from multiple other methods cheaper. I think the intended purpose of the IC is for detecting movement and gestures in a broad manner, not precise positioning which is what printers would need.
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