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Stepper Motor Driver 1.1

Posted by Markus Hitter 
Stepper Motor Driver 1.1
June 04, 2010 10:48AM
A few years ago I tried on building a RepRap machine already, but stopped for some reason or another. Now I want to pick up again and found a box which looks like a complete set of unassembled generation 2 electronics.

I assume one can use this set to equip a Mendel as well. Is this correct?

This set includes a Stepper Motor Driver v1.1, which isn't mentioned in the list of Drivers at [reprap.org] . Is there something special about v1.1 to hide it's existence or should I better complete the Wiki?
Re: Stepper Motor Driver 1.1
June 04, 2010 02:40PM
Nothing wrong with the Gen2 electronics :-). Still driving my 'bot after a year or so.
If you want a more recent extruder design, you will probably need another stepper and stepper driver board. You'll also need a controller - the gen2 could *just* about squeeze onto a basic arduino, but the firmware has outgrown it a little while ago. I'd suggest getting an arduino mega, and wiring the gen2 'tronics to a shield. The mendel should be capable of being driven no problem.

Nothing wrong with the 1.1 - just that they used to get a bit hot (grab a bigger heatsink) and are through hole soldering - SMD is actually quite a lot easier and better suited for mass-production, like the makerbot.

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Re: Stepper Motor Driver 1.1
June 04, 2010 03:07PM
I have two sets of the old Gen2 electronics still in use...
As dave said they just need heatsinks and fans

I also have upgraded a basic arduino by adding a 328 AtMega chip as it doubles the program space..

Mendel is far easier scratch build/repstrap than Darwin was as well.

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