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MKS Gen V1.1

Posted by shmbry 
MKS Gen V1.1
April 07, 2015 02:37PM

Has anyone got any feedback on this controller? It's advertised as being RAMPS 1.4 compatible, just how compatible is that? I presume most RAMPS boards originate in China and therefore have chinese components. Are these MKS boards reliable?

Can they be used with anything other than Repetier-Host, MatterControl for example.

Many thanks
Re: MKS Gen V1.1
April 07, 2015 06:29PM
They are compatible as in pin compatible with regard to add on displays. So if a display works with RAMPS, it should work with MKS.

It's based on the same MEGA2560 microcontroller chip that is used with a RAMPS board so it should be able to run firmware RAMPS could: Repetier-Firmware, Marlin, Sprinter, etc. Any host software that can talk to the firmware should work: Repetier-Host, Pronterface, Octoprint, MatterControl, Simplify3D...

Most boards are going to be made/assembled in China so I'd just assume that a Chinese manufacturer would assemble their boards there too.

Can't comment on the quality or reliability of the board or components. It's priced about the same as what you'd pay for a RAMPS and MEGA board, and it's a cleaner solution since it's not in the format of a shield. It doesn't look like there's a schematic for it and that it's closed source, so there's a philosophical issue if such things concern you.
Re: MKS Gen V1.1
April 18, 2015 09:58AM
I have been using one of these on a generic RepRap I3 from China for about 6 months now and haven't had a single issue with it. I am currently running Marlin firmware on it and the prints are very nice, as good as anything I have seen in pictures. There may be better solutions out there but it's hard to beat the price.
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