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Opto switch using stripboard??

Posted by AgeingHippy 
Opto switch using stripboard??
June 19, 2010 10:29AM
Hello All

I stupidly assumed the opto-endstop were included in the generation 3 electronics mostly assembled from Makerbot, but I guess opto-endstop v2.1 is not part of the Gen 3 electronics. thumbs down

Never mind. I have sourced the parts from Mouser but do not have the PCB. Buying 3 PCBs from Makerbot will cost me $3 PLUS $30 for shipping. Cheapest I can find is RepRapSource.com which will cost 3.75 Euros PLUS 12.5 euros shipping....

I was then thinking of building them on stripboard. Taking a look at the footprint of the H21LOB opto switch it seems to me this switch will not fit onto a standard 2.54mm pitch stripboard. sad smiley

Any suggestions from those in the know or can anyone name a UK supplier of the opto endstop PCB without stupid shipping costs?

Hi there,

I just happen to have 3 opto PCB's that I don't use. When I bought them from the RepRap store (before MakerBot existed) I ordered 6 of them and only needed 3. If you can send me your address i'll just stick them in an envelope and send them over to you at no cost.

JAAH (Just Another Ageing Hippie) smoking smiley

Ron Luttik
the Netherlands
Re: Opto switch using stripboard??
June 20, 2010 06:21AM
Hey Ron

That is extremely kind of you.

I have sent you a PM

Re: Opto switch using stripboard??
June 23, 2010 05:33AM
Hey Ron

The 3 PCBs arrived today.

Thank you very much. That was very kind of you >grinning smiley<

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