arduino uno stepper motor code
April 24, 2015 04:36PM
Can someone provde me arduino uno code(sketch) for stepper motor. I am using nema 17 bipolar steppr motor and Ln298n driver for stepper motor. So i need hlp about code that should run my simple linear actuator...
Code should do next-
need stepper motor to do 200-500 times rotation forward, then stop,after that, delay 30 seconds, and 200-500 turn rotation backward, then stop. something like that).
I need this for opening , and delay 30 sec, then closing automaticly...

Or post a link, where can i find similar sketches.

Re: arduino uno stepper motor code
April 24, 2015 05:38PM
I suggest you post this question on one of the Arduino forums, see []. btw LM298N is a crap stepper motor driver by modern standards.

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