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Extruder button not working

Posted by Gary Riding 
Extruder button not working
July 02, 2010 08:33PM
I am having problems for some reason with my extruder controller board... everythink on the board seems to be working fine, like i can heat the barrel up and it reads the tempeture ok.. but for some reason when i click extrude in the reprap software under "extruder 1" notthink seems to happen..

The power light is on and there is a little red light flashes every 1 second or so.. then i have 2 green lights on near pins 2a , 2b of the stepper motor pins... when i power the board on the stepper motor just makes a humming noise and thats all

anyone have any ideas what is wrong ?

Re: Extruder button not working
July 03, 2010 05:54AM
A humming noise sounds good already, apparently the motor get's juice. Maybe it's blocked mechanically somehow. With electrical power and material removed, can you move the motor by hand? BTW., what type of machine is it, which electronics do you use?

Generation 7 Electronics Teacup Firmware RepRap DIY
Re: Extruder button not working
July 03, 2010 10:25AM
The machine i have is the " reprap's mendel "... Ive just only finshed putting everythink together, and had got the Electronics from " iprint3d ", but the guy's away on holiday and is unable to answer email..

The Electronics are as followed :

Reprap Extruder Controller v2.2
Reprap Motherboard v1.2
Reprap stepper Controller v2.3

I have tryed turning the stepper motor by hand while connected to the extruder controller and is powered " On " but its hard to seems hard to turn. I have also tested the stepper motor using one of the stepper controller boards and everythink works ok.

I have attached a image so you guy's can see what happens on the extruder controller board when its powered " On " The lights near the stepper connection do not change when the extrude button is pressed.. nor does the motor move.. just makes a humming noise at the time of powering up and once reprap software is loaded.. (( But temperature readings, and heater control work ok , so does the " cool " button work when i click on it in XYZ panel ))

Anyone have any ideas ?

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Re: Extruder button not working
July 03, 2010 12:42PM
Ok am stupid.... i didnt know that you had to connect a cable from scl to d10 and sca to d9

sorry guys all is working
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