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ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board

Posted by Widget 
ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 14, 2015 01:21AM
Hi fellow RepRapers

I have a 3d printer with a ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board, I would like to change the firmware to marlin but not sure if this board will run it, Mr Google is unable to shed any real answers on it, a FAQ PDF that is in Chinese I have translated (MS Word did to be honest) and it talks about having the config on SD, I would like to flash it but not sure if able.

Other option is to put a Azteeg in (I have one) but would have to figure out the wiring, and the ANDCIV CM3G3 has a very nice colour LCD screen not sure the Azteeg will drive it, not the end of the world if it doesn't


Cheers Widget
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 14, 2015 10:31PM
Weird board...

If google is working its this board [item.taobao.com] ?

Wich states its a Arm cortex M3 at 100mhz

Marlin will not run on this..

(there is a port on going for arm boards, but I dont know how they are going, they probbly also have never heard of this board)

Wish they would document things a little better, looks intersting, but with no doumentation, its a lot of work to get this running
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 15, 2015 05:19PM
Hi Dust

That is the board you linked, thanks for conformation that it will not run marlin.

It's a pity, the printer is very well constructed, but my home brew mendal with RAMPS 1.2 prints better. So I will swap to the Azteeg and Viki and see if that sorts it out
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 16, 2015 04:45AM
There are much better firmwares than Marlin for 32-bit boards. What firmware does that board run at present? Perhaps you don't have the speeds, accelerations etc. configured correctly?

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Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 16, 2015 05:10AM
Hi dc42

That is part of the issue, I have no idea what firmware it's running the calibration is a file on the SD card.

The issue I am having is mid print it seems to stop printing the outer shells, you can hold the print up to the light and see through it in parts. Have played with feeds n speeds. Also if I don't print 6 solid layers on top I end up with holes in it

What is the best firmware these days? And will the Azteeg run it?
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 16, 2015 05:36AM
Have you tried sending M115 to the printer, to see if it reports the firmware details back?

Is there a configuration file on the SD card, and if so, what are its contents?

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 16, 2015 07:13AM
from what I can understand on the website it runs custom firmware

Sadly since I can find no cct diagram or a pin assignment.. It will take some dedicated person some time to trace it out and document it.

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Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
May 18, 2015 07:29AM
sorry to take so long, am on Netapp training, and away from my printer

thinking about it, when I use Slic3r, I set the G-Code flavour as Reprap (Marlin/Sprinter/Repetier) under the printer tab, but I don't know if that is the correct selection, and or is coursing the issues

have not had a chance to run the M115, but the config files looks like this (wall of text coming) there is a link in the doc that I have that is for the latest firmware, however it does not seem to work.

machine_model = 19760423
maximum_feedrate_x = 19000
maximum_feedrate_y = 19000
maximum_feedrate_z = 280
maximum_feedrate_e = 19000
search_feedrate_x = 820
search_feedrate_y = 820
search_feedrate_z = 280
search_feedrate_e = 260
homing_feedrate_x = 1200
homing_feedrate_y = 1200
homing_feedrate_z = 280
steps_per_mm_x = 78.739
steps_per_mm_y = 78.739
steps_per_mm_z = 640.000
steps_per_mm_e = 320.000
acceleration = 1000.000
junction_deviation = 0.050
home_pos_x = 0.000
home_pos_y = 0.000
home_pos_z = 0.000
home_direction_x = -1
home_direction_y = -1
home_direction_z = -1
printing_vol_x = 300
printing_vol_y = 200
printing_vol_z = 360
have_dump_pos = 1
dump_pos_x = -60
dump_pos_y = -60
have_rest_pos = 1
rest_pos_x = -95
rest_pos_y = 80
have_wipe_pos = 1
wipe_entry_pos_x = -55
wipe_entry_pos_y = -40
wipe_pos_x = -55
wipe_pos_y = -40
wipe_exit_pos_x = 0
wipe_exit_pos_y = 0
steps_per_revolution_e = 3200
wait_on_temp = 1
heater_pwm_frequency = 2000
enable_extruder_1 = 1
store_parameters_to_flash = 1
enable_steppers_when_start = 1
auto_power_off_seconds = 30
extruder_1_sensor_type = 1
extruder_1_pid_p = 600
extruder_1_pid_i = 3
extruder_1_pid_d = 150
extruder_1_max_limit = 230
extruder_1_pid_error_max_limit = 200000
extruder_1_pid_feedforward = 25
bed_sensor_type = 0
bed_pid_p = 600
bed_pid_i = 3
bed_pid_d = 150
bed_max_limit = 110
bed_pid_error_max_limit = 200000
bed_pid_feedforward = 6
extruder_2_sensor_type = 1
extruder_2_pid_p = 1
extruder_2_pid_i = 1
extruder_2_pid_d = 0
extruder_2_deadband = 1
extruder_3_sensor_type = 1
extruder_3_pid_p = 1
extruder_3_pid_i = 1
extruder_3_pid_d = 0
extruder_3_deadband = 1
motor_current_setting_x = 130
motor_current_setting_y = 170
motor_current_setting_z = 130
motor_current_setting_e = 110
temperature_sampling_period = 3
endstop_disable_at_printing = 0
disable_soft_move_limiting = 0
code_g0_same_as_g1 = 300
thco_port_max_temp = 300
extruder_1_wait_temp_window = 5
bed_wait_temp_window = 1
heater_sersor_protected_seconds = 0
heat_protected_seconds = 0
extruder_protected_threshold = 10
extruder_protected_temperature = 280
extruder_protected_window = 10
bed_protected_temperature = 150
bed_protected_threshold = 3
bed_protected_window = 10
Anonymous User
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
January 07, 2016 08:38PM

Firmware,touch color display firmware and win drivers are in zipped file

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open | download - andciv-635816144366256228.zip (299.3 KB)
Anonymous User
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
November 27, 2016 05:13AM

I have AndcivCM3G3 used motherboard for sale,,,Included color TFT display,Flat cable and new LCD display in spare,,,Price is 60 usd + shipping,,,I pay board and lcd display 150 usd on Taobao,I rebuild my Mingda Glitar4c and convert to Smothieware machine ,This board i will not use any more,All available doc will leave on sd card ,,Documentation is mostly on Chinese lenguage and Andciv support is poor ,,
Finaly i found why i have incorrect hot bed reading temperature,,,In config file extuder sensor is 1 and hotbed 0 ,,on motherboard all jumpers are set to thermocupler,,it is pity that Mingda manufacturer do not know set correct position of jumpers ,It cause burning of littlefuse termal protection on board 2 time,,,I have 3 fuse in spare,
Stepper motor current setting, digital control CM3G3 use the touch screen can be changed directly, the formula is: nominal current /0.007= setpoint...all my mottors were overloaded when i have Mingda settings

Full review and most of available doc for download you have on [www.nanjixiong.com]
Firmware and display firmware i post before.If any one have new version please post,I do not have long time contact with Mingda and Andciv .
open | download - $_0 (1).JPG (2.5 KB)
open | download - $_0 (4).JPG (1.5 KB)
open | download - $_0.JPG (2.8 KB)
Re: ANDCIV CM3G3 Third-generation Board
June 16, 2019 04:34AM
Can anyone out there help,We are a small group of vets which have discovered 3D printing we have a Mingda 6C printer but it when out of control and the hot end over heated and burnt out. it no longer works. We have done some research and it looks like the board is out dated. We would like to retro fit with a Smoothie board but we do not have the expertise to program thinks. Can someone out there tell us are we going in the right direction or wasting our time. The question we ask if we purchase a new board do we have to do any programing to get it to work ?
Thank you
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