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Techzone stepper problem

Posted by Tiberius 
Techzone stepper problem
July 13, 2010 03:32PM
One of my techzone stepper drivers (X-Axis) blew through so I replaced it with a Makerbot driver. Now the Makerbot driver doesn't move the axis at all. The power led is on and nothing happens.
Also another of my techzone drivers stopped working. When it is powered on without the MB connected it looks normal. Power led green. As soon as I connect the MB, all other led's come on and the driver gets a little warm. When I reset the MB, all driver led's come of again except the power and then come on again a second later.
The third techzone driver is the only one currently working.

Everything is hooked up to a 12V line of a ATX PSU. Before the driver blew all the axis where moving fine, I just needed to reverse a stepper coil because it was moving in the wrong direrection when the driver went up in flames. I didn't switch the PSU off so I guess this was my fault.
Now why the heck doesn't the new makerbot driver work? Is it possible the MB got damaged as well when the techzone driver failed?
Re: Techzone stepper problem
July 14, 2010 03:46AM
Yeap, basic rule is don't touch the stepper motor cables when the power supply is on as there is always a current flowing through the stepper motors, even when not turning. As to why the stepper from makerbot is not working, I haven't a clue, it might be that you have to adjust the current on the stepper driver. It may be that the stepper motor wires have to go in a different order on the makerbot board compared to the techzone board.

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