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Posted by Jono 
October 05, 2007 01:27AM
It seems this topic has been rising to the top of people's minds for some time, so now to open up a can of worms.

Some background (sorry if you already know this):

As we all know, stepper motors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also have varying number of steps, ranging from about 24 to 400 steps. As the number of steps increases so does the cost.

At present the RepRap uses 400 step motors, which have a 0.9
Re: Microstepping
October 05, 2007 03:14AM
Hi jono,

... i'm going the way of simplify the driving by using ready microstep-drivers as for example the 1/16-step SMC11 from nanotec ( [www.nanotec.de] ~ costs 30 to 25 Euros) or my own 1/8-step-boards with an IMT901 drivers-IC for use with 200-steps-motors (which i have in big quantity and varying sices and powers in stock, so i can give away some too).

This simplify the software to output only two signals - DIR and CLCK - and the driver makes the work ...

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