MKS Gen 1.3 - does it has pullups on endstops connectors?
September 30, 2015 02:26PM
I'm having problem connecting an Inductive Proximity Sensor to the board.
I connected it to 12V, and made a voltage divider with 100K and 150K resistors, and I get about 5V when the sensor is triggered.

I connected this voltage divider to the "S" and "-" on the X Min connector, and it didn't work.

After trying to play with the MCU pullup, I noticed that it doesn't change anything, it acts like it has pullup even when I disable this pullup in the firmware.

So I disconnected the sensor and measured the voltage between "S" and "-" and I get 5V.
I flashed an empty arduino project to the MCU, and I still get 5V.. so this means it has pullups on all the endstop conenctors?

I couldn't find schematics, but I found some photos of the old MKS, and they didn't have much resistors on the PCB like I have now..

So does it has pullups? or maybe I fried my arduino pins and it output 5V all the time?

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