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Cheap 32bit... AZSMZ mini VS Ramps-fd

Posted by Shepard48 
Cheap 32bit... AZSMZ mini VS Ramps-fd
October 04, 2015 10:33AM

I own a delta printer and I am considering to buy a 32 bit board. But I spent enormous amount of money for my printer, so I am aiming for something cheap. I have been looking for a lot of boards, but two of them suits my requirements the most. The AZSMZ mini and an Arduino Due with a Ramps-fd. For my setup, I need a MOSFET for a heated bed and a hotend, at least 4 stepper slots. It also would be awesome to have the ability to put in some pololu stepper drivers since I have a whole bunch of them. So my question is : Which board is better? AZSMZ mini or Arduino Due with a Ramps-fd? Or if someone knows a better 32 bit board with a similar price please let me know.

Thanks for answers!
Re: Cheap 32bit... AZSMZ mini VS Ramps-fd
October 04, 2015 12:01PM
I am talking about theese concrete boards : [www.aliexpress.com]
: [www.aliexpress.com]
Re: Cheap 32bit... AZSMZ mini VS Ramps-fd
October 04, 2015 01:19PM
There are at least two other 32-bit boards you could consider: Duet 0.6 from Replikeo ($50 + shipping), and MKS-SBASE (also about $50 + shipping I believe). Both have the stepper drivers built in, which provides better cooling than with plug-in Pololu-type drivers, and software-controlled stepper motor current instead of potentiometers - which makes setting the current much easier and more precise.

The Duet runs RepRapFirmware, which is probably the best delta firmware currently, because it supports segmentation-free delta movement and fast, precise auto delta calibration. It also provides an excellent web interface. The Replikeo boards appear to have quite a high defect rate, and although Replikeo seems to replace them readily, shipping replacement boards from Hong Kong takes a while.

The MKS SBASE runs Smoothieware (like the AZSMZ Mini). I don't know what the reliability is like. The original one has a noise issue that affects the thermistor readings, but I hear there is a newer version in which that problem is fixed.

You will find threads about both these boards in this forum.

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: Cheap 32bit... AZSMZ mini VS Ramps-fd
October 05, 2015 05:16AM
As one of the people who worked on the design for RAMPS-FD, I would implore you to NOT BUY A RAMPS-FD.

1. Geeetech still sell this despite issues with the board.

2. Geeetech specifically started building boards while the design was still in Beta, without even checking to see if the design worked.

3. Geeetech have (in many cases) supplied boards with the incorrect components (eg: PTC fuses instead of real fuses, wrong FETs or even a non-FET device, lesser spec connectors, etc).

4. To resolve the design issues in that version of RAMPS-FD, you will need to perform a bit of work to change the circuitry on the board you get.

All in all, you're simply rewarding Geeetech (they're the main people selling RAMPS-FD) by buying one of these. The only way around this is to get your own PCB made, buying the components yourself and populating the board.
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