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RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Encoder

Posted by Kennge 
RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Encoder
February 12, 2016 06:57PM
I am getting bald over this... Been trying everything i can find online (i think, but hope not eye rolling smiley)

The thing is that i got my LCD to function, it shows correct values and all.
The SD-Card reader senses when i put in a SD-Card and The encoder can be pushed.

BUT as soon as i start to turn the knob the problems occure.. It lives a life of it's own..
Sometimes it jumps a couple of lines, and then doesnt react at all, until it maybe find it for good to jump around randomly...
So it is not completely dead, but it is not anything to count on.. Alas it is useless...

I have checked the solderpoints and it does not seem like there is contact. The wires are in correctly..
So i have a feeling it might be something in the Marlin code?

I have seen there is a couple of others struggling with this issue... But i have yet to find a solution.. All help is very much appreciated! smileys with beer

Anything i can elaborate on, just ask.

BTW i am running an Arduino Mega, Ramps 1.4 and as mentioned Marlin firmware.
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