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bad opto?

Posted by ensgrp 
bad opto?
October 08, 2010 02:36AM
I have everything working except for one opto endstop. I'm using the techzone remix electronics so the led is lit when nothing is in the sensor and the led turns off when there is something in the sensor. The opto that isn't working has a green led on like the others however if you put something in the sensor, the led only dims. The other two both operate correctly.
Re: bad opto?
October 08, 2010 04:16AM
Try swapping them to see of the fault is with the opto, the cable or the board.

Re: bad opto?
October 08, 2010 07:11AM
A few of my opto endstops had a cold solder joint on the center / signal pin, might be worth checking.

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Re: bad opto?
October 08, 2010 10:48AM
I'll have to check when i get home tonight. I am seeing infrared light coming from the opto in question and all of the resistors measured the correct resistance. I did swap them and the other two opto's work perfect on the same cable/stepper.
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