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New uber cheap Cortex m3 dev board with debugger

Posted by annodomini2 
New uber cheap Cortex m3 dev board with debugger
October 29, 2010 11:46AM

Shame it's not an F103, but with an integrated debugger @ £6.80 +VAT I'm not going to argue.
Re: New uber cheap Cortex m3 dev board with debugger
November 02, 2010 09:22AM
A possible problem with this is the license:
- for use only by skilled professionals (ie not home users, I suspect for legal liability reasons), though they evidently don't bother trying to enforce this given the number of obviously amateur users in ST's own forums (when this issue was specifically raised there, nobody replied).
- not for use in production systems (would this mean no selling anything one prints?)
- is combining such a restrictive-licensed part with GPLd parts (the rest of RepRap) legal at all?

Also, this board is programmed over its USB port using what appears to be a Windows-only driver. (I know there are open source compilers for ARM, but that doesn't help if one can't get the resulting binary onto the chip, and I don't know if something as low-level as custom USB will work in Wine.)

An alternative nearly-as-cheap ARM board is the LPC P1343, but this is a lower spec (still several times faster than an AVR, but less memory).
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