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Extruder controller h bridges kaput?

Posted by liav 
Extruder controller h bridges kaput?
January 18, 2011 11:18PM
Hi. I bought a makerbot 'struder controller and mobo about 6 months ago. Initially had some trouble getting it running, so shelved it. Now I'm playing with it again, and have been making some progress. But! The h bridges on the extruder don't seem to be working at all. I've successfully loaded the controller tester on it [1] and the MOSFETS drive a motor just fine. The LEDs associated with the H bridges light up, but there's no voltage at the terminals.

Oh, I also tried the drive-a-stepper-with-your-extruder trick [2] -- also no dice.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

[1] [objects.reprap.org]
[2] [objects.reprap.org]

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Re: Extruder controller h bridges kaput?
January 19, 2011 03:31AM
Hi Liav,

... have you connected A9/A10 (SDA/SCL) and adjusted the poti when testing with a stepper motor?

Can you make a photo of the setup?

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