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Planet CNC Motion Controler

Posted by _Adrian_ 
Planet CNC Motion Controler
October 02, 2016 11:52PM
Hey guys...

I've decided to start building a rather large CNC Mill a little while back...
Pulled the trigger and got most of the extruded aluminum frame, as well as some 1.5" plate that I had a friend make me a nice T-Slot work surface.

Work area is a bit overkill...
X = 40"
Y = 20"
Z = 18"

Definitely not featherweight that's for sure !!!
To keep everything in check and movement fluid i sprung for some "muscle"...
Using 4x 1600oz NEMA34 Frame motors with encoders as well as decent drivers ( 2HSS1108H - main deciding factor for me was... no need for external power supply for drives! )

Either way, kids have it set into their head that it should be a 3D printer as well.. so... yeah... some further "planning" required!

I currently have the Smooth Stepper USS but I haven't found/seen any info on functionality as 3D printing...
I did stumble across Planet CNC's MK3 9Axis USB module claiming to support 3D printing as well as making chips winking smiley

Any ideas or input on this ??
Re: Planet CNC Motion Controler
October 03, 2016 04:25PM
With the smooth stepper you must be running Mach3 .
Slic3r will output mach3 format so in theory you can use ti.
You would need to add a hot end and an extruder plus a stepper driver and power supply for the extruder.
You could not heat your bed so you would need a separate heated bed if you wanted to print ABS
You would not be happy with the results.
Your machine will be big and slow and a printer needs to be small and fast.
You would probably be cheaper and better to buy a printer kit for the kids.
Would you really want them to do 4 hour print job on your router/mill???
Re: Planet CNC Motion Controler
October 03, 2016 09:07PM
Actually its not that slow as I'm running acme lead screws and the big NEMA34s do make even heavy things move quite fast.
Currently playing around with a hybrid 4/5 axis design...
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