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Slave axis homing

Posted by emdub27 
Slave axis homing
October 03, 2016 08:53PM
I am designing a large format printer. Looking to use 2 steppers on the z axis and y axis. I use mach3 for multiple plasma and router machines using a slave axis with independent home switch. This works extremely well for automated resquaring in the event that one of the motors misses steps. Is there a combination of controller/firmware that would allow this? I have searched and have not found much info on this. It appears the duet/duex has enough drivers and i/o to do it, but is the firmware possible? Is there some other controller that is more appropriate?
Re: Slave axis homing
October 04, 2016 04:36AM
The firmware on the Duet and Duet WiFi allows you to use up to 4 motor drivers for each axis, until you run out of drivers (max is 10 for the Duet WiFi, 9 for the wired Duets). See [reprap.org]. We don't yet support independent homing of multiple motors on an axis, but this is likely to be implemented soon because we have a commercial user who wants it.

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