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32bit for under 20 bucks?

Posted by makerbro88 
32bit for under 20 bucks?
February 13, 2017 06:44AM
Hello fellow Reprappers,
Browsing my favourite shopping sites (and new ones oviously) i have stumbled upon this little board:

I don´t know much about 32 bit electronics and have only used arduino+ramps.
But on the first look this board looks like a stripped down version for 12v wich results in the price( which i kinda like), but my question here is if this could run a heatbed via an SSR?

If not, would it still be a good board for a delta without heated bed?
anyone got experience with makerbase controller boards?
Re: 32bit for under 20 bucks?
February 16, 2017 08:23AM
You can connect SSR to spare GPIO pin on-board, you need to check the schematic which pin is it and set it in config file.

If you not hurry you might want to wait for Smoothieboard v2-mini, really nice hardware and hopefully a good price.
Re: 32bit for under 20 bucks?
February 16, 2017 09:21AM
Is there any other source than aliexpress? I don't deal with them, but I'd be interested in a cheap controller for laser engraving stuff, which doesn't need a heated bed.
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