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New 32bits board based on STM32F4

Posted by xebbmw 
New 32bits board based on STM32F4
February 23, 2017 09:23AM
Hi all,

I was browsing other forums and I found this new board on Aliexpress

32bits board based on STM32F4

It has only four stepper drivers (removable), includes a graphic screen with touch control and supports thermocouple based temperature sensor.

The idea is that new powerful hardware is coming...
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
February 23, 2017 02:04PM
No word about firmware. Some preinstalled printer models, but are they configurable?
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 01, 2017 08:35AM
Hi, I'm the authorized distributor of these boards for the EU region and we will have these boards available for local purchase shortly, with full support. The firmware is closed source and supports Cartesian, Delta and CoreXY configurations, fully configurable through the touch interface. There are add-on modules for WiFi connectivity and dual extrusion support. The firmware is under active development and feature requests are definitely taken into account. I will post more information in the relevant (commercial) section of the forum when available.
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 04, 2017 05:31PM
@siddharta Will the schematic (and layout) be available?

That could then allow to use free open source firmware on that board,...
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 06, 2017 03:29AM
Hi JustAnotherOne, for the moment there are no plans to opensource the schematics. While I too advocate (and will continue to do so) a more open approach (I don't believe for example that open sourcing RepRapFirmware and the Duet boards has hampered sales of that board in any way and the benefits are numerous), for the foreseeable future it is a closed source product. That said, I have still decided to offer this board in the EU market as it simply works well, with a remarkably responsive and user friendly UI.
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 06, 2017 01:34PM
@siddharta I always think of closed source boards as a missed opportunity.

But as long as you make it clear that the board (and not only the firmware ) is also not open I have no problem with that. This way it is clear for everybody that it is not possible to put any other firmware on the board and that new features can only come with new firmware versions supplied by you (or more precisely the Chinese company behind the board)
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 07, 2017 05:58PM
i use Lerdge board for past month and LV8729 stepper driver,original end stops and pressure sensor for autolevel on my Kossel XL...Today i order fillament detection sensor and power off kit, I check Lerdge.com for last version of firmware and found new firmware version V1.1.7 (beta1) just published .Following instruction posted on Lerdge,com i coppy complete folder and update board ,Selecting set up,selecting firmware file and activating update,Flashing pass fast .After restarting i get Lerdge logo and message ""Checking user UI Please wait"".After long waiting i get msg System Ui eror please update UI
,,,Any idea what to do it ,,,,

Kinds regards

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open | download - rsz_wp_20170307_23_04_23_pro_1.jpg (180.9 KB)
open | download - rsz_wp_20170308_01_04_35_pro.jpg (191.4 KB)
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 07, 2017 10:42PM
FIXED UPDATING ISSUE incorrect names of file and file root position on sd card

Unzipped Lerdge_System V1.1.7 beta rename to Lerdge_System
UI fromLerdge sytem coppy to root and change name to Lerdge_UI
Pls se attachd photo
after restaring board all passing fine

here is change log
V1.1.7 (beta1)
1. The interface is updated. All the color scheme of the interface is optimized, together with more user-friendly icon and operation.
2. Automatic leveling. 2s~3s will be delayed after the release of the servo/steering gear for the detection of the first point, to wait for the servo release completely.
3. Increase the detection points from the old version of the maximum 81 points to 1024 points for auto-leveling, to accurately detect flatness of the large printing platform.
4. Add the leveling test function, which making it more convenient to check the leveling effect after automatic leveling.
5. Add the function of manual fine-tuning for Z-axis. Users can easily optimize the effect after the leveling. And this function can also help to fine-tune the printing results when printing the first layer.
6. Open the axis limit switch compensation for the delta users. It's easy to adjust to eliminate the difference between the various limit switches.
7. Add the UI180 degree rotation function, which can fit the different habits of the user to use.
8. Cancel the emergency stop button when printing, to prevent from the stop caused by malfunction.
9. Improve the use of configuration files to configure all the parameters of the system functions, and make it open.
10. Change the filament replacing function in control interface to cooling function.
11. Remove the hotend and heated bed PID adjustment functions in the control interface of the printing process.
12. The extruder will be released after the printing paused, making it easy to manually replace the filament.
13. Add the double-headed print function (closed beta, not open yet, need to be used with the dual extruder module).
14. Modify the drive signal of the motor direction prior to the pulse signal 10us established, to ensure the drivers stably drive.
15. Add the servo control button in the operator interface.
16. Enhance the stability of the power supply wave detection.
open | download - Untitled 1.jpg (88.7 KB)
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 09, 2017 11:49PM
LerdgeManual on official Taobao Lerdge shop .i use google crome for automatical translating



Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 11, 2017 07:00PM
If anyone wants my lerdge board, let me know.
See my post on STM-32 boards and their current state of development and end user satisfaction at this time.
If the board does what you need with today's firmware more power to you. I wish you all the best. But don't hold your breath waiting for a group of closed source programmers to solve your problem if you have one or want to add anything to your bot later.

These boards are very interesting on paper and some have compelling hardware specs and prices, but are really at the oem stage of development.

If you are Ultimaker or MakerBot you can staff to create or demand from the closed source mfr any firmware changes or error corrections you may require.

As a hobbiest your experience will be all or nothing. If it does what you need out of the box on day one,awesome, if not you will wind up putting it back in the box destined for eBay

Every reprap is different, motors, extruders power supply and innumerable other variables exist and trying to accommodate them with a closed source product is nearly impossible.

Saying they just work great "as is"? 3d printing just isn't at that stage of development. Is there some guarantee that the board will suit your end application I am unaware of?

I would LOVE to get rid of my MKS Robin, my Rostock 301, my Lerdge3D and several other STM32 boards and products from my lab here In the US.

There is nothing wrong with any of them but their closed-source nature but "As-Is" but your mileage may vary..

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Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
March 12, 2017 01:48AM
For me there is no big difference with the open source 32bit controllers:
I was able ( or brave enough ) to modify Marlin, but I don't dare to touch the source code of RRF and completely rely on the .bin files I get from dc42's github.
Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
September 01, 2017 01:24PM
I have 3 Lerdge boards now with full set of accessories,,My last board complete burn after 5 hours printing in total,Main processor is dead ,it is happened to several other user,,Second source of trouble are small size hot bed and extruder hether Mosfets,,They can manage up to 140 W and can blow up easy,,,,If you ordering this board you will need external power module 20 A mosfet I am not happy at all especially not happy with Lerdge support , boards are very interesting on paper and some have powerful hardware specs and great prices, but are really at the oem stage of development.,

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Re: New 32bits board based on STM32F4
October 11, 2017 03:21PM
much better
For a better map than the lerdge there is the chitu redrabbit with all the language translation and all options unimaginable and 7"screen or 10"
they are far more professional and good price
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