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Smart Controller + RAMBo Errors

Posted by Averybot 
Smart Controller + RAMBo Errors
May 05, 2017 07:21PM
I've been using my RAMBo 1.3 for awhile, and also had a RepRapDiscount Smart Controller laying around from a previous printer. I configured my Marlin 1.1-RC8 for the controller, but I'm having an issue. The controller is flashing on and off in seconds with a beeping noise. [youtu.be]

I ordered the controller from FolgerTech, so it's most-likely not genuine: [goo.gl]

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

(P.S. The RAMBo and LCD adapter are both straight from UltiMachine.com. I have also wired the screen correctly from the image shown on UltiMachine's website and from an email they sent me. )
Re: Smart Controller + RAMBo Errors
May 05, 2017 11:44PM
The lcd looks to have backwards plugs....

This shows the wiring

Note on the lcd the red wire indicating pin one is clearly on the side with the sd card slot

On the image of the lcd you provided, the key is upside down, so you are forced to plug the cables in backwards....
Easy fix is just to ignore the keys on the adaptor and turn each cable around 180 degrees (In this case two wrongs does make a right)

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Re: Smart Controller + RAMBo Errors
May 06, 2017 10:56AM
Thank you. I have rotated both connectors 180°, but now I'm only getting a blank screen: [goo.gl] (image)
Any thoughts?

Here's how I rotated the connectors: [goo.gl] (image)

I rotated them on the RAMBo because I didn't want to cut the plastic on the screen, but I can do that if needed.

- Avery
Re: Smart Controller + RAMBo Errors
May 06, 2017 07:17PM
I have found the problem!

I wasn't using the RAMBo settings in Arduino. When I set it up, it started working great. Thanks for all your help!
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