Stepper driver settings and connections questions.
May 07, 2017 08:15AM

in order for my RAMPS 1.4 to drive two NEMA 23 motors I chose to buy two of these:
and two of these:

The combo should work, but I have some settings to do on the driver:
- I start with 1A current to the motors, on 24V I hope that will suffice. The drivers can go up to 3A. I already added a fan to the heat sink.
- There is an 'excitation mode' setting where I can chose 1, 2, 8 or 16. I guess this is microstepping, I chose 8. I know microstepping will increase presision and the motors have the power to do so, but I think it will limit the speed of the printer because the Arduino cannot give so many signals per second.
- Then we have a stop current setting, either 20% or 50%. No clue, to be honest, my previous drivers didn't have that.
- Last but not probably not least, there is a decay setting; 0%, 25%, 50% or 100%. Again, no clue, new to me.

Connections I hoped would be pretty straigh forward, and one side is. A- and A+ for one motor coil, B- and B+ for the other coil, and 24V and ground. That makes up the first bank of 6 connectors. But we have 6 more.
- EN- and EN+, I guess some sort of enableling signal. Coming from the RAMPS via the expansion board is an enabling signal, I think it should go to EN+ of the driver. Or I should short EN- and EN+ to make the thing think it is enabled?
- The next set unfortunately the silk screening is largely obscured by the connector, I think it reads CW- and CW+. This would be a signal, either STEP or DIR, but I don't know which.
- The last is the same problem, I think it reads CLK- and CLK+, again partly obscured, and this should of course be the remaining DIR or STEP.

I hope you can help me out,

Re: Stepper driver settings and connections questions.
May 07, 2017 08:57AM

Re: Stepper driver settings and connections questions.
May 07, 2017 09:01AM
Thanks, great. Why didn't my google search show that?


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