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lerdge board 32 bits

Posted by titeuf007 
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 12, 2017 04:12AM
Lerdge Aliexpress store support can give answer on all questions,I am very curious if Lerdge will confirm burning board by connecting SSR or complete denied what happened, I do not believe ssr is board killer,My second motherboard Lerdge gen2 termistor version is working with ssr and silicone pad no any problem for past 4 month,

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 12, 2017 04:38AM

Sorry for my English ....

And if use this Lerdge module ( Heated Bed Power Expansion) and connect on our ssr and pad silicon, for protect the board.
If possible ?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 17, 2017 03:07PM

It’s ok for me.

Silicone pad 220v with Ssr, connected after Expansion Power Module High Power expansion card, connect on the Lerdge board.

Lerdge is a very good board.
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 17, 2017 04:20PM
I'm I reading this right?
You came off the board to the high power mosfet then to the ssr and then 240v to the bed
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 18, 2017 12:18AM
Hello i take a picture or plan this day...

It s difficult send picture here?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 18, 2017 05:02PM
Hi guys.

I just bought this board, and was setting it up on my Tevo little monster delta, and then after a reboot, the screen is not working.
Anyone had this appen, any ideas to fix it ?

The touch screen seems to work, as it will home if you press on the screen

I also treid the long and short ribbon cables, and no difference

Before it stopped working, it was a little unrealable a few reboots earlier....but now its just dark. But you can see some flickering between dark, and black, so it is geting power or something.


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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 19, 2017 05:34AM
This is copy/paste message from Lerdge blog posted today,


The Lerdge motherboard doesn't support 220V heating element. Suggested not to use this, or will probably burn the board.

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 19, 2017 05:44AM
I have contacted the seller.

The Lerdge should have not problem at all opperating the SSR. Its just turning the relay on and off. No matter what heatbed is connected on the other side of the SSR. There is no connection to 220V
Yes, the endstops needed the wires to be switched, and everything else works fine. Only the screen is dead.

Here is shane from the Little Monster group on facebook with his Litle monster:


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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 20, 2017 05:05AM
Ok, now I am confused. I contacted Lerdge a few weeks ago and they told me that using an SSR for a 220V heated pad is a catastrophic idea and there are several reports of fried boards. You say that it works fine with the use of MOS module? Anyone else tried it?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 20, 2017 06:26AM
I've always used 220volt 500w silicone pad on Delta Repetier
are Hbot Lerdge.
in my opinion we need to use Quality Relay SSR
not to turn 220V on the board for a defect


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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 25, 2017 03:04AM
Here my corexy with Lerdge board, and pad 220v and ssr.
No problem, Lerdge it’s a very good board.

open | download - BC465631-A68A-42D6-8449-A1531482039C.jpeg (139.5 KB)
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 25, 2017 07:00AM
Lino38 what size is your heated bed?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
September 25, 2017 08:09AM
New Lerdge board .

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 02, 2017 02:41AM

My silicon pad 400mmx400mm
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 03, 2017 07:40PM
Hi, what voltage do you recommend and use with the board and 220V heatbed with SSR, 12V or 24V?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 06, 2017 11:50AM
I receive Lerdge board 3 week ago ,First impression very nice,,well packed than start trouble ,I try to connect board over USB cable for first time power up but board is not powering,When connect on PSU board was on but display is black,Not working ,I order new display for 25 usd to stop useless messaging for one week about wiring,voltage not following instruction .I found here on forum similar problem.New display working immediately after connecting, Than i found i need usb link module to connect to PC and Power mosfet for connecting 220v heater and ssr due poor mosfet on board
Connecting to PC over Link module,Module is visible but SD card os U disk not visible.Udisk led is blinking ,
Pronterface connecting board but nothing happening when want sent any command.
After flashing last version of firmware2.21 manual jog X and Y movement not responding .Firmware 1,1,7 working normal
Pid control is complete wrong,,,Temperature are set to150 celsius,It not possible make PID tune on standard printing temperature for extruder/hot bed ,
Every time i power board i have display in green calibrate mode and must calibrate display,2 or 3 time before can proceed .Seler advice to force display calibration connecting 2 pin on probe connector,
Second extruder have no connection for filament monitor ,Seller advice to use 2 in1 extruder,He can not explain how to use 2 extruder talking about difficult for connect due high tech demand of second extruder????????? Not clear what he thinking .Any one printing with 2 extruder ?
Where is RGB control,How to change color of rgb striip?
I have module for continuous print after power lose but not tested ,On FB Gecko printer group is reported failure of module and printer can not resume print,On lerdge bug list say 2.0.2 firmware fix that bug,,,Bug list is quite long,,,
Delta printer factory settings for Z stepper motor are wrong,All 3 motors X,Y and Z must have identical settings
On ledge.com forum page Lerdge admin is not answering on questions ,Only admin post is about public holidays in china and no selling period.I read all post and seem people have lot trouble and no replay,Downloading of firmware presently not working and most sub page is only white page no any content No official support on Facebook,,Not found any Lerdge company post on this forum,,,No any official video on Youtube, Only videos about problems black display, frozen display and overheated processor ,Typical Chinese seling company no give support after collecting money Like Chitu or MKS

Lerdge logo on top of official page say LEROGE, Very serious company not able to write company name correct.

I think buying Lerodge i shoot myself in legs
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 09, 2017 07:48AM
Taobao presale lerdge-X board for 26 usd + taobao agent commission and shipping ,,No dual extruder support ,external Hot bed module, New imported chip due previous use of poor quality chip caused by the motherboard damage....

It coming new version of standard board Gen4 improved and incorporating module direct on boar If you planning to order this board better wait next version.


Here is Chrome automatic translate of Taobao page

Official pre-sale , pre-sale within 7 days after delivery, about the end of October delivery, after the end of the sale to restore the original price, pre-sale of each ID to buy 10 .
Lerdge-X Product Description:
Lerdge-X is a high-integrated control board designed for small 3D printers, educational grade 3D printers and entry-level 3D printers in the motherboard, using 32-bit coretx-M4 Core control unit, strong performance and stability, feature-rich, price concessions, with 3.5-inch full color IPS LCD touch screen, bringing a simple, smooth operation. The motherboard uses an open interface, free to match the motor drive module (A4988, DRV88225, LV8729, TMC2100 and external drivers, etc.) to meet the needs of different customers. Motherboard optimized limit switch connection, and a comprehensive line protection design.
On the instructions: Lerdge-X motherboard comes with print pause, print save, boot resume function, for accidental power, power to save continued to play, print off the power function to be equipped with additional power monitoring module .
About printing instructions: Lerdge-X motherboard default for offline printing (that is, TF card printing or U disk printing), for online, please also equipped with online modules. --- Lerdge-X motherboard U disk printing has support USB2.0 with USB3.0.

Shipping list: motherboard (or drive optional unworthy), 3.5-inch screen, 30cm FCC cable screen, 30cm power cable, a terminal spring package, pen resistance, nylon bag screw nut 1, the word wrench.

Suggestions: ]Suggested motherboards are equipped with music drive (import chip guarantee), due to the use of poor quality caused by the motherboard damage, not within the warranty.

Temperature measurement type: resistance temperature (with our HT-NTC100K temperature resistance can be achieved to print high-temperature materials)
Le motherboard product introduction difference: Lerdge-the X-new motherboard compared to the old version Lerdge-S motherboard, no longer supports dual expansion module, and does not directly support hot bed for the use of the hot bed please purchase separately hot bed expansion module, other Function and the old motherboard is no different,

The old version of the Lerdge-S motherboard will be upgraded to Lerdge-S + motherboard, one onboard more features, to achieve the majority of features together, without expansion.

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 11, 2017 03:10PM
For a better map than the lerdge there is the chitu redrabbit with all the language translation and all options unimaginable and 7"screen or 10"


they are far more professional
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 12, 2017 02:55PM
I got it working on my Tevo little monster Delta with 220V heatbed via the stock SSR.

Fairly wasy conversion.
But, I could not get the BLTocutch to work :-(
I tripple checked the wiring, and the settings stated in the totorial on the Lerdge site are pretty clear and obvious......but I cant get it to work.
On power up, the BL touch does its test cycle, and the pin cycles up and down a few times, and the red light comes on.
But I can not get the "servo" to actuate when im in the run menue. And als initiating a autolevel, does not drop the pin.

But I still printed a few things with manual bed level, and it look pretty good.
I have re-installd my MKS Sbase in the tevo again, as the quality is the same. I have TMC2100 drivers on my Sbase.

But I do really like the easy use of the touch screen, and setup of the printer.
Its heaps better than anything else that I have tried.

Too bad I could not get the bltouch to work :-(

Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 12, 2017 02:59PM
Ohhh.... I wrote earlier in the thread that my screen was dead.

During the VERY long dialog with Lerdge, they accepted top replce my screen, but I had to send the bad one back to China.
So I just ordered a new one myself, because shipping the old one would cost as much as a new one, and the wait would kill me.

When I got my screen, the new one did not work either.

I then found te problem of a bad solder joint, and I heated it up with my soldering Iron, and got it working again,.


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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 12, 2017 08:35PM
I found same bad solder ribbon cable joint on display,,,Shipping to China 18 usd ,,New display is 21 usd ,,,I order new one ,
I can not connect PC to board over PC link module,Soldering on usb connector looking really bad .
Excellent quality control. I waste over 100 usd for buying crappy board .
Selling on e-bay for 65 usd [www.ebay.com]
I reinstall my old MKS Sbase back to printer,

List of fixed BUGs are longer and longer
1. Fix the recognition error BUG of dual extrusion module (2 in 2 out).
2. Fix the BUG of showing the error status after the printing is finished.
3. Fix the BUG that the lighting control and fan can only be opened and closed, but can not adjust the opening.
4. Fix the target temperature display error BUG when hot bed PID is automatically set.
5. Fine-tune the UI icon.
6. Adjust the recognition area of down button and return button in selection file interface, to reduce the touch misoperation.
7. Add wifi hotspot search function (need to cooperate with the Lerdge wifi module).
8. Add wifi hotspot selection and password input function (need to cooperate with the Lerdge wifi module)
1. Fix the BUG of the delta model Z-axis when leveling
2. Adjust the convergence of the Delta when moving.
3. Fix the BUG of garbled display after scanning the QR code
4. Fix the BUG that can not continue to print where it stopped when accidental power off happens.
5. Modify the blind zone algorithm of delta auto-leveling to optimize the automatic leveling effect.
6. Fix the BUG that the minimum temperature can not be set.
1. Fix the BUG of model cooling fan out of control issue
2. Fix the BUG of automatic leveling probe offset
3. Optimize the stability of online control (PC test software: repetier-host, simplified3D
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 15, 2017 11:12AM
My board and 4 pcs LV8729 driver are for sale on ebay,Selling for 65 usd and USA free shipping .Up to now no buyers,,

In last firmware Lerge fix the target temperature display error BUG when hot bed PID is automatically set...It is fake BUG fix,,Nothing is changed
,Auto pid temp settings are 150 celsius for extruder and 150 celsius for hot bed,,,
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 17, 2017 05:45AM
I would like to know why lerdge does not provide us the files for dev. because the base is open source smoothie or marlin. normally they are obliged to provide us with the source.
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 29, 2017 03:48AM
someone the new firmware version 2.0.3 and managed to run wifi hotspot

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 29, 2017 06:57AM
Please share your settings and the wifi board you have used
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 29, 2017 07:30AM
I used the usb module connected via USB3 cable

I saw on google + B Velta using lerge board, in the video you can see through the form Udisk and USB pen.
I have never succeeded

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 29, 2017 11:42AM
I have the USB board. Which WIFI board did you use?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 29, 2017 02:05PM

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Re: lerdge board 32 bits
October 31, 2017 10:40AM

do you testing esp01 for wifi connection ?
Re: lerdge board 32 bits
November 19, 2017 10:01AM
Hi, anyone have already tested the wifi module. Need to program it? I have a problem that the board can not find any network.
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