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Opto endstop control question

Posted by jsteill 
Opto endstop control question
March 15, 2011 01:09PM
I am using the MakerBot opto endstops and a v2.3 stepper board connected to an Arduino. I would like my stepper motor to move a test sample from one region to another. I could just tell the stepper motor to run x-amount of steps forward, hold, and then move x-amount of steps backwards, hold, etc., but I would like the opto endstops to work as switches at the end of my sample travel. I have tried a sample sketch in the arduino environment to just move the sample back and forth while checking for voltage changes on pins 6 and 7 of the stepper interface while manually activating the opto endstops, but have not seen any.
When the endstops are activated (the IR beam is broken), my LED lights up, but I do not see any signal at the interface (voltage change on pins 6 or 7). Can the opto endstops send a signal to the arduino?
I have the stepper interface connected as such:
Stepper | Arduino
STEP 3 : pin 8
DIR 4 :pin 9
ENABLE 5 : pin 10
MIN 6 : pin 11
MAX 7 :pin 12

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
open | download - Stepper_Motor_Driver_2.3r1_schematic.png (28.9 KB)
Re: Opto endstop control question
March 15, 2011 04:04PM

Can the opto endstops send a signal to the arduino?

Well, that's the entire reason why endstops are there, after all.

With Stepper Motor Driver 2.1 and probably a Motherboard 1.2 you connect the endstop to the stepper driver, which in turn forwards the signal to the motherboard. You can measure this signal with a voltage meter reliably. As you're apparently capable of reading schematics I trust you to find the place where to put that voltage meter to find the signal.

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