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X Axis homing in wrong direction after hot end upgrade

Posted by fullHundo 
X Axis homing in wrong direction after hot end upgrade
June 18, 2017 02:59AM
Hello! My printer has been working perfectly for a couple of months. I just finished upgrading to an e3D V6 hotend with Titan extruder, and realized the X axis is now trying to home in the wrong direction, away from the endstop. The other two axes are homing just fine.

I'm really scratching my head on this one, as I only unplugged the X axis motor and endstop cables for a moment to slide the new extruder onto the rails and plugged them back in the way they were. The only other changes I made during the upgrade were a couple of firmware settings for my hot end thermistor and extruder steps/mm. I don't believe I made any firmware changes or physical changes to the machine that should logically cause this issue.

Any suggestions of how to fix this?

Thank you!

Edit: I just went ahead and reversed the x axis motor wiring at the control board to make it home in the correct direction, but I still don't understand why I had to reverse the wiring for it to act normally after the upgrade.

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