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Printer not reading SD card / bad connection between controller and LCD screen

Posted by Maggie_at_OESH 
What's going on: My printer was working fine, but suddenly stopped reading the SD card. Even with the SD card in the LCD screen it reads "card removed" and I can't navigate the LCD screen with the dial.

What I've tried: I tried re-uploading the firmware, replacing the LCD screen, replacing the wires that connect the LCD to the controller board, and replacing the SD adapter that connects to the controller board.
This makes me think it's a problem with Rambo 1:1B controller board I'm using.

Is there a way to test the controller board, or the pins on the board that connect to the SD adapter and screen?
Is there something else I should try?
It wasn't the controller. It was the cables. With a new set of cables (connected correctly) and everything else the same as before, it's working great.
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