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What's the easiest way to do this?

Posted by Desertboy 
What's the easiest way to do this?
August 14, 2017 04:51AM
Hi I want to build a positive pressure vac former which has ballscrews and linear slides powered by an arduino. I need a simple control system.

I need to run 2 nema 23's say 10000 steps one way, hold at full torque for 30 seconds then reverse 10000 steps. I also need to trigger a solenoid (The compressed air) for say 10 seconds all these figures are wild guesses and would need to be tweaked once built to find what actually works.

I will have a cnc shield, Uno and 24v power supply for this project but I also have a spare Ramps, Mega and 12v if more suitable. Steppers will be cheap Poulou.

What's the easiest solution I can see with grbl I can stream gcode for the stepper easy enough but how do I also control the solenoid? I consider using the feed from the Z axis to turn the solenoid on does this sound reasonable? Is there a Gcode I can use to trigger an output for X seconds that I can then use the output to trigger a solenoid?

I'm guessing the Arduino code to do this is pretty simple but have no idea where to start the last time I looked at code it was basic on my commodore 64 lol.

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Re: What's the easiest way to do this?
August 15, 2017 03:58AM
You could write a simple gcode file running on marlin (or grbl?). It would move the steppers and switch the solenoid ( M42 ), the way you like. ( there is a dwell command to count down eg. 10 sec. )
At the end of the file you can add two lines of code to make it run in an eternal loop. ( M23 & M24 )
For RAMPS and NEMA23 I'd suggest buying external drivers like TB6600.
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