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tronxy melzi 2 boards??

Posted by munchit1 
tronxy melzi 2 boards??
August 14, 2017 12:23PM
hi all, i've been playing with the melzi v2 board that came with the tronxy x3.. tbh it isnt fun any more, 18 hours uploading dowloading including, unzipping, adding, uploading..compile compile compile...read up download up load blah blah...

basically i used a ips programmer to get a firmware upgrade to marlin, that now happens, but the screen will not display.. 2 solid bars. tried alsorts, really cannot put any more time into this as the wee pic axe handle is peepping at me and uh wispering..''goooo-on you know you want to''

any clues or files or more git up supositries to try?

i've only got one marlin file that will compile and upload...out of 5 gig in a folder..what are the odds that no files actualy worked everone and everyone is just saying they are? lol!!

any help? (no 'swop usb cables' please...we know you like to join in but, well...fffffff).

i've installed every liquid crystal libary i can find...tried uncomenting all display/controller options singularly, and a few multi combo's...screen still only lights up 2 solid blocks.

i'm aware of the jumper pin 'reset' to upload, also tried it with and without the usb power jumper/mains power supply jumper..tried unpluggign the screen even.

helllup! helllup!


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Re: tronxy melzi 2 boards??
August 14, 2017 07:27PM
melzi boards (and all 644p and 1284p boards) are a pain in the ass, as its not supported out of the box in the arduinio IDE. Even if you do install the processor support, your working without a board definition to define how its meant to upload new firmware.

reset is used to reboot controller. On reboot a controller that is setup correctly runs the boot loader. This allows you to upload new firmware (excluding the boot loader) over usb.

The issue, there are lots of bootloaders and they all have different baud rates and protocols, none of which anyone bothers to document. These are set in the boards.txt (which probably doesn't exist for your machine)

If you can not find the correct settings, then you use a isp programmer... you can upload the firmware this ways., but then you have to upload the firmware that way every time.

You should really install a new bootloader with the isp, then you can just update firmware over usb..

RE most not working, there are effectively two type of marlin firmware out their, old and new. If its old it will not compile on the new arduino IDE, you have to use an older arduino IDE. Or use the current marlin.

If its a new marlin the configuration.h the line motherboard will have a name if its old it will have a number
eg #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB This is newer
or if it says #define MOTHERBOARD 33 its old

RE LCD, you haven't told us what type of LCD or shown us any configuration.h files.

I can not speak for others but I'm not Psychic, you need to provide actual information if you want actual help.

I would guess a 20x4, in which case no additional libraries are needs. it part of the standard install
But Last I looked standard marlin does not support the tronxy buttons. That is custom to them

Now I have have found this version of the firmware [github.com]
It requires a older arduino IDE to compile, and it has the support for the buttons ie "#define ADC_KEYPAD "
Re: tronxy melzi 2 boards??
August 14, 2017 11:02PM
hmmm, thank you for that. I'll take a look tomorrow, thank you.

i deleted the copy i was uploading.. i have the original though.
Re: tronxy melzi 2 boards??
August 15, 2017 07:52AM
as far as i can tell the screen is a HP 2004A display with five push buttons on the same main curcuit board.
Re: tronxy melzi 2 boards??
August 15, 2017 10:21AM
problem solveved..bricket it without touching fuses..blah blah. chip ID differs and cannot comunicate, please read for 72 hours to find out it's bricked lol...eeerghhh.

why do the chip people and the board manufactuers not like you using the stuff? it's not like you'll buy another one is it?
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