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Dumb question about RADDS hall sensor

Posted by bryanbdp 
Dumb question about RADDS hall sensor
August 20, 2017 06:25PM
I am adding a RADDS style hall effect sensor to my printer on the Z axis.
There is an option to use an external potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity of the unit instead of the small one on the board.
My issue is with wiring the pot, the directions show one wire being connected to the metal mounting shaft, but my pot has a plastic case and shaft....
I'm not sure what to do with that third wire!!!

photos are here: RADDS Hall sensor page

Can anybody advise how I should hook this up?

Any replies are most appreciated.
Thank you,
Re: Dumb question about RADDS hall sensor
August 21, 2017 03:14AM
You can try to get away without the black wire. It has no functional meaning except for shielding/grounding the metal shaft ( you don't have )
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