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Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card

Posted by mrwizzard 
Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card
September 05, 2017 03:09PM
Just curious what you guys are using for SD cards that work with Radds on reprap firmware? only asking because i've loaded RRF on my due+radds and with the SD card, it resets the due over and over. if i remove the card while it's doing it, it boots and i can get the firmware info. if i remove the sys folder it also seems to boot but no configuration of course. So it seems to have issue with reading the file but it seems like it detects the file list since when the sys folder isn't present or empty it says it cannot find it. Though it just resets itself over and over with it present.

i've tried two different ones so far (a 8gb, smallest i can find) and a 16gb sandisk ultra. Note this is with the micro sd slot on the radds. i don't have an LCD attached at the moment so i don't have one on there. maybe it's not formatted properly or the sd slot is messed up? any ideas?


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Re: Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card
September 06, 2017 02:56AM
Sounds like a possible firmware bug to me. Which version of RRF are you running? AFAIR there are versions 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 available, perhaps others too.

If you remove the SD card after at least one cycle and run M122, the last reset reason and software reset data may give a clue about what is going on.

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Re: Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card
September 06, 2017 04:03AM
That behaviour reminds me off earlier versions of RRF_RADDS. I could hear the steppers knock repeatedly until the SD-Card init was finally done.
That bug was fixed a long time ago.
For the record, I'm using SanDisk Ultra HC class10 SD-card. Maybe older SD-cards draw to much current?
Re: Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card
September 06, 2017 10:20AM

Thanks for the reply. This was 1.18.1, didn't update it passed that. i switched back to repetier for now but planning on switching back using the latest version. i'll give that command a try if it happens again.
Re: Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card
September 18, 2017 07:46PM
Had the same thing on my first install of RRF turn out it was the config file. Something in there was wrong for the radds causing reboot
What you have to do is first remove a good amount of config line see if it boot, if it do boot you know the wrong line is in the config line you remove, keep removing till you know what line cause this.

Or you can start from a config.g from a radds user and mod it for your need, here one I find on my desktop, probably not my last but it should work if you adapt it to your specs

; Configuration file for The Imp

; Communication and general
M111 S0                             ; Debug off
M550 Ptheimp		        	; Machine name and Netbios
M555 P2                         ; Set output to look like Marlin

G21                                 ; Work in millimetres
G90                                ; Send absolute coordinates...
M83                             ; ...but relative extruder moves

; Axis and motor configuration
M569 P0 S0	R1					; Drive 0 goes forwards
M569 P1 S0	R1					; Drive 1 goes forwards
M569 P2 S0	R1					; Drive 2 goes forwards
M569 P3 S0	R1					; Drive 3 goes forwards
M574 X2 Y2 Z2 S0					; set endstop configuration 

M665 R174.35 L345.32 B152.00 H400.34 X-0.45 Y-0.03 Z0.00 
M666 X0.18 Y0.64 Z-0.81 	; put your endstop adjustments here
M92 X320 Y320 Z320				; Set axis steps/mm
M201 X3000 Y3000 Z3000 E1500		; Accelerations (mm/s^2)
M203 X20000 Y20000 Z20000 E3900		; Maximum speeds (mm/min)
M566 X800 Y800 Z800 E800 ; Max instant speed changes mm/min
M579 X0.9997 Y1.0006 Z0.9965  ; Cartesian axe correction

; Thermistors
;M305 P0 T100000 B3950 R4700 H0 L0	; set the bed thermistor
M305 P1 T100000 B3950 R4700 H0 L0	; set the first nozzle 
;M305 P2 T100000 B3950 R4700 H0 L0	; set the second nozzle 
M570 S180				; Hot end heat timer

; Tool definitions
M563 P0 D0 H1                       ; Define tool 0
G10 P0 S0 R0                        ; Set standby temperatures
;If you have a dual-nozzle build, un-comment the next 2 lines
;M563 P1 D1 H2                      ; Define tool 1
;G10 P1 S0 R0                       ; Set standby temperatures
M92 E627                     ; Set extruder steps per mm

; Z probe and compensation definition
;M558 P3 X0 Y0 Z0				
;G31 X0 Y0 Z4.80 P500		; Set the zprobe height and threshold

M556 S78 X0 Y0 Z0                   ; Axis compensation here

M208 S1 Z-0.3						; set minimum Z

T0                          ;Set Tool 0 by default

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Re: Reprap Firmware on Due/RADDS SD Card
November 20, 2017 04:28PM
I did manage to get it working FYI. probably was config since i just re-did everything.
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