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Possibility of replacing Andciv board for another

Posted by Xaimill 
Possibility of replacing Andciv board for another
November 26, 2017 02:51PM

I have a Mingda Glitar 3 (china) 3D Printer, it has a large build volume of 300x200x360, however its been underperforming in proper printing. Before I declare it a waste of money, I would like to replace the board with another that are more used in the community. I attach pictures of the printer and board. Any help about the subject will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Also a link for the board:
open | download - received_10206048074625914.jpeg (83.9 KB)
open | download - 23755820_10214688920161652_2206253731006106880_n.jpg (83.5 KB)
Re: Possibility of replacing Andciv board for another
November 26, 2017 03:12PM
Can you tell us in what way the printer is under performing? The performance of your printer might be limited by any of the following:

1. Firmware - in which case, installing more up to date firmware (if available) would help, or replacing the electronics by any electronics for which up to date firmware is available.

2. Electronics - in which case replacing the controller by modern 32-bit electronics and firmware would help. Some of the 32-bit options also provide a web interface and web upload to the SD card.

3. Mechanics - in which case upgrading the electronics and firmware won't help.

Also important:

- does the printer use 12V or 24V power (or another voltage)?
- what model numbers are the stepper motors? They are usually labeled.
- does it have an LCD panel, if so what type is it?

Delta printer calibration calculator, mini IR Z probe, and colour touch screen control panel: [escher3d.com]

Large delta printer, and other 3D printer blog postings: [miscsolutions.wordpress.com]

Disclosure: I have a financial interest in sales of the Panel Due, Mini IR height sensor, and Duet WiFi/Duet Ethernet.
Re: Possibility of replacing Andciv board for another
November 26, 2017 09:13PM
I have Mingda 4c ,i,ANDCIV disappeared from market and no firmware available for board and display,,My board burn 2 time thermocoupler fuse and i replace with MKS Sbase Smothie and 3,2 TFT display,It require cutting bigger opening for TFT display and hole for external card reader, I replace Y Nema 23 stepper motor with Nema 17 and all stepper motors cable, Thermocouple is replaced by thermistor,Thermocoupler you can use if you add thermocoupler decoder to board ,
If you need ANDCIV board and color TFT display i have my laying in box for long time, ANDCIV board you can find on Taobao for 90 usd

Firmware for board / display and config file i post on forum [forums.reprap.org],
Review of board you can find on [www.nanjixiong.com]

Mingda use 24 V power supply
Thermocoupler K type
Stepper motors are Bohong Nema 17 0,85 A for X,Z and E Motor
Stepper motor for Y axes is Bohong Nema 23 1,6A
Pulleys and belts MXL

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